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Thunderbolt®™ Ouro Branco

This product is manufactured and packaged for the Brazilian market. Thunderbolt®™ Ouro Branco é feito especialmente para o Brasil. Ouro Branco é uma farinha muito popular para pizza, pão, rolos e outros produtos assados vendidos no Norte do Brasil. Thunderbolt ®™ e uma marca registrada.  

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Thunderbolt®™ All Purpose Flour

Thunderbolt ®™ All Purpose Flour is a special blend of hard spring/ winter wheat which is the ideal flour specially tailored for household consumers.  

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Thunderbolt®™ Bakers Flour

Thunderbolt ®™ Bakers Flour is a special blend of Hard Spring / Winter Wheat. A strong patent flour designed to tolerate extreme conditions, mixing techniques and extended kneading for the development of finer quality bread goods.

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