Quality Assurance Department

ISO 9001 System Certification

ISO 9001 System Certification

The Quality Assurance Department is equipped with trained, experience staff to ensure Namilco maintains and improves its ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Standard as it processes wheat into flour.  Each member of this Department performs a key role in ensuring that products are of good quality and are safe for consumption.

Routine monitoring of the different production stages is conducted by the Quality Assurance Technician who ensures legal, food safety and ISO requirements are implemented and maintained in the production area.

Technicians in the laboratory conduct different analyses on wheats, in process materials and finished products to ensure they are meeting product acceptance criteria. Some of the tests that are done include:

  • Determination of moisture, protein and ash content using NIR equipment
  • Determination of colour using Minolta Chromometer
  • Determination of alpha-amylase activity using Falling Number equipment
  • Graphing of farinographs to determine the water absorption, mixing time and stability of biscuit and bread flours etc.

Also, Technicians bake or cook the flour to ensure it gives the desired results, for example, pholourie is fried to determine if sufficient rising agent is in the pholourie quick mix and bread is baked using the wholewheat or white breaded flour to determine if the over-spring would be acceptable for bakers.

The QA Manager ensures all product parameters are within acceptance limits before releasing the products to delivery.

To ensure customers receive fresh and safe products, Namilco practices first-in-first-out in all stages of the production and distribution process.  We also encourage distributors, supermarket owners and shop keepers to do the same.


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